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Forget about spam, advertising mailings, hacking and attacking robots. Keep your real mailbox clean and secure. Temp Mail provides temporary, secure, anonymous, free, disposable email address.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for

Q1: What is A1: is a temporary email service that allows users to create and use temporary email addresses for short-term purposes, such as verification or avoiding spam.

Q2: How does the temporary email service work? A2: Users can visit and generate a temporary email address instantly. The address can be used for a limited time, after which it expires, providing a secure and temporary solution for online interactions.

Q3: Can I use for long-term communication? A3: No, the primary purpose of is to offer temporary email addresses for short-duration use. The email addresses generated have a limited lifespan and are not suitable for long-term communication.

Q4: Is it necessary to register for an account on A4: No, users can generate temporary email addresses without the need for account registration. The service is designed to be quick and accessible without requiring personal information.

Q5: How long do the temporary email addresses last? A5: The lifespan of the temporary email addresses varies and is designed for short-term use. It is advisable to use the email address promptly for the intended purpose, as it may expire after a certain period.

Q6: Can I use for illegal activities? A6: No, should not be used for any illegal or unauthorized activities. Users must adhere to applicable laws and regulations while using the service.

Q7: Are the temporary email addresses secure? A7: While takes measures to protect user privacy, users should be cautious about using temporary email addresses for sensitive or confidential information. The service is intended for convenience rather than absolute security.

Q8: How can I contact support for A8: For support inquiries or questions, you can reach out to us via [email address] or by using the contact form available on the website.

Q9: Can I customize the temporary email address? A9: No, the temporary email addresses are generated automatically by the system. Users do not have the option to customize the email addresses.

Q10: How often are the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy updated? A10: The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy may be updated periodically. Users are encouraged to review them regularly for any changes. Updates are typically posted on the website.

Awesome Features

Disposable temporary email protects your real email address from spam, advertising mailings, malwares.